Monday, March 17, 2014

Hello World!!

Hello world!

This week went by pretty quickly! It's the last week of the transfer and it seems like everything is getting a bit crazy. My companion and I are kind of at the point in our area where we have a fresh start. 

Yesterday I was able to speak in church! I was so excited because it was all about missionary work! I talked about how I decided to go on a mission, the trials that I went through, and the blessings that I have received. Oh man, I could have written an entire book about that! Everyone's face was in shock when I said that I was originally called to a different mission in Ecuador. I definitely woke some people up. It was super great! I love talking in church and being able to bear my testimony to everyone there. 

Another cool thing that happened yesterday; we went to visit the grandparents of a recent convert and they are seriously some of the happiest people I know. I love going over to visit them because they just have amazing spirits. As we were talking with them last night, we found out that the grandma had cancer! She told us that she just does what she needs to do to try and treat it, but besides that she just lives her life. She said that it all depends on your attitude. She doesn't have an attitude of sadness, so she said that she feels fine. Then they both started laughing and we look at the grandpa and he sais is, "You know what's funny?.. I have cancer too!" 
I never would have guessed! They are so upbeat and happy! Then the next thing he said was, "..and we LOVE LIFE!" They said that even when we have trials, we should face them with a good attitude. They are so amazing. I'm not going through anything as tough as them and they have better attitudes than I do. They are such an example. So let's have great attitudes and just LOVE LIFE no matter what happens:) 

I love you all! LETTERS!:) 

Hermana Hunt

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