Monday, March 24, 2014

A day in the life of Hermana Hunt

So I would just like to tell you all about my Saturday last week. This is actually pretty normal in my life.

Okay so it was Saturday and I LOVE Saturdays! Saturday are game days. The day to get everything done. So we went out teaching and we decided to walk all day so that we could talk to as many people on the street as possible. We only had a few hours because we had to go to an activity at our ward mission leader's house. We ended up walking 7 miles in total for those couple hours. Our last house to go to was a lady named Rosa. Rosa and I are like best friends! We basically just laugh together when we have lessons. The only problem is that she works on Sunday, so she can never go to church. We went into this lesson actually planning on dropping her as an investigator. Towards the end of the lesson, I had a super strong feeling to invite her to be baptized again and she said yes! My companion didn't really know what I was doing at first, but it worked out! She has been searching for a new job and she really wants this in her life.

Okay now after all that goodness, we went out to our car to go to the activity because we were already late. We get out there and realize that the keys were inside the car.. and we were outside the car.. and the car was locked. Great. We called some members and eventually got the number for someone to help us out. While we were waiting for one guy, another guy showed up because one of our members called him and sent him to where we were! Perfect. Meanwhile, all the other missionaries were at the activity together, so they all knew what was going on. Our district leader was like freaking out. He's great! He worries about us. :) But then our phone died!! We had no way to call the other missionaries or the first lock guy that was on his way! We ended up going to a gas station and I used the payphone to call Elder Miller. Then we tried calling the lock place, but we ran out of time, so we decided to just go to the activity. 
Next problem, we didn't know how to get to our ward mission leader's house! So.. we guessed. We made it!! Then.. the gate was locked. We didn't have a phone to call the missionaries to unlock it and it's a farm so the house was super far from the gate. So what do we decide to do? Jump the gate. We are brilliant. We're missionaries in skirts. Why wouldn't that work? And I can't hop fences! Somehow I always get stuck! So yes I was standing at the top and I was too scared to jump down, so my companion had to help me.

Let's just say the other missionaries had a big laugh when we made it back to the house.

There you go. A day in the life of Hermana Hunt

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