Monday, September 29, 2014

This crazy train called The Mission

Well hello all you fellows out there. This past week was NUTS. Honestly one of the weirdest weeks I've had so far. So everyone can just take a seat and wait for this madness..

We did three exchanges this week! Man, exchanges are really fun! I worked up north with some sisters over there. I love being able to learn SO much! We've really been focusing a lot on becoming better teachers. Since the way of teaching changed a few months ago, the new missionaries aren't really learning the foundation of teaching, all they have learned is reading a pamphlet. I've definitely seen how much the teaching is improving since we started the teaching work shops. 
Ok moving on to the juicy stuff.. 

So we were supposed to have 4 baptisms yesterday.. that didn't happen. Ok ok I'll try to give a short version of what happened. We talked to the family and the mom didn't feel ready yet, but her kids really wanted it and they felt ready so as of an hour before church started, all the kids were going to be baptized. We talked to the branch mission leader and got everything worked out and ready. Then 1 minute after the meeting starts, we get a call from the grandma saying that none of them were getting baptized because she wouldn't allow it.. WHAT? So we ran over to their house to see what was up. This was all in Spanish by the way. The grandma came out really mad and told us that this wasn't what she wanted for her daughter and grandchildren. An angry grandma.. it was scary. I literally had to bite my cheeks so that I wouldn't say anything.. well.. I said something. We won't talk about that, but it definitely made her mad. In the end, the satan grandma won. We know that that family will have the gospel one day. They have testimonies, it might just take some more time. We were pretty sad. Not going to lie. We decided to say a prayer so that we would be cheery for the rest of the day. While I was praying, I knew that we had done everything in our power, now it's just up to the Lord. And also another investigator popped into my mind. A kid that we have been teaching for awhile. He is so read and so prepared! We decided that we were going to invite him to be baptized TONIGHT! So guess what.. we're having a baptism!! Blessings really do come after the trial of our faith. We're so excited!! It's going to be a great way to end the P day. And to celebrate my 12 months serving in total mark! Basically my YEAR mark! WHAT? 6 months to sexy is starting NOW! I can't even believe it.. I feel old. 

Sorry I forgot my camera today. I actually had some cool pictures! We made a birthday cake for an Elder here and I tried to make it a shirt and tie. The tie was a Ted.. for any of you who are obsessed with ties like the Elders here!'s ridiculous! Anyway.. and it even had his tag and name. We're pretty cool. I know. 

Well I guess that's enough for the day. 

Have a great week! Eat some ice cream for me tomorrow!:) 

con amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Monday, September 22, 2014

Viva Mexico!

Happy Independence Day to all you Mexicans out there!

This week was CRAZY! Like honestly a week of roller coaster rides. I loved it! 

Well first off we had zone conference! I LOVE zone conferences! We learn so much! Sister Petersen and I did a musical number in front of EVERYONE! She played the uke and I sang "I Need Thee Every Hour". Well wasn't that an adventure. It actually went really well. Cough cough. 

So this week we did a TWO day exchange! It was so fun! I stayed in my area with a sister that just came in the field! It was so fun being able to be a mini trainer again for a second. I love brand new missionaries. They honestly help me to remember why I'm here. 

On another note, We had a FLOOD this week! I honestly thought that while I was driving we were just going to start floating away. It was nuts. Like not even normal. I'm just glad I never got lost. I'm still working on learning this new area. That would have been a bit embarrassing. Hello STL. Geez. 

Ok voy a contarles una historia. 

So this one day a member texted Sis Pete and I to go to their house for dinner. The PROBLEM is is that there are a million families in our ward with the same last name. We thought we knew which one it was so we went over, taught a lesson, ate yogurt, then found out that they had no idea that we were coming over. Not the right ones. So we figure that it obviously had to be this other one. We go over there, talk to them for awhile, then the mentioned how they weren't expecting us but they were glad we came.. freak. not the right one again. By this time, we were already late for a set lesson and we had to call the sister and reschedule. We went to the wrong house TWICE. Moral of the story.. know people's first names and ask where they live.. 

Well that's all folks for this week. 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bendiciones del Senor!

Hello world!

This week was GREAT! 

I had my first exchange as an STL! I loved it! Working with the sisters here is absolutely a privilege for me. I love being able to have this opportunity. 

Well let me just tell you about our day yesterday. First off, we had to go to the Spanish branch early in the morning to give a talk and sing a musical number. Which by the way isn't even our branch!..I have no idea how that happened. Then we raced to an investigators house to wake them up for the English branch. Then we went back to the English branch, WITH our investigator, and did another musical number and our recent convert from last week got confirmed. Then we ran to get another family of investigators for the other Spanish branch. We waited for our other family of investigators, did another musical number, another talk, and then tried to make sure everyone was in the right classes, while still running around trying to talk to everyone we could and teach some classes. It was the craziest couple of hours of our lives; but we were being blessed! We had TEN people go to church yesterday and a lot of less actives and members there. There was absolutely nothing that we did to receive all of those blessings. We still have no idea how that happened. God is good. God is great! 

Fun fact! My companion is Elder L. Tom Perry's great niece! He spoke at her farewell. HOW CUTE! He's my favorite. 

Fun fact #2! It finally got below 100 degrees in Laredo this week! Hallelujah! 

Me and Sister Petersen! My lovely ginger:) 

Have a great week! I love you all! Send me a quick note if you have time!
Don't forget, here is my new address for mail and PACKAGES: 
3319 S. Barlett
Laredo, TX  78043

Con amor,
Hermana Hunt

Monday, September 8, 2014

Laredo South & New Mail Address!!

Hello all!

This week was a week of MIRACLES! I can't even explain how much I love Laredo! Let me just explain a little bit how this week went.. 

I got here on Tuesday after a 3 hour car ride, we emailed, had a ward meeting, and went to bed. The next day we did the norm; we ran, studied, all that good stuff. Then at like 11:45, we found out that we had a leaders meeting the next day and an STL meeting in McAllen at 3:30 THAT DAY! It takes about 3 hours to get there.. so we packed in 10 minutes, went to district meeting for 5 minutes, and went on our way! We had the STL meeting with President Maluenda, then we worked in McAllen for a few hours, and had MLC the next day. A FULL day meeting with President Maluenda and all the zone leaders. How can it get better than that? We didn't get home until 10:30 that night. So we were barely able to work in our are this week, but we saw so many miracles! 

We found 7 new investigators and hit a lot of our goals in 2 days! We said SO many prayers of gratitude. We taught a lady this week that was taught by Elders before but never wanted to commit. We taught her this week and she decided that she wanted to be baptized. THIS WEEK! So we had a baptism yesterday! It was so amazing! We couldn't even believe it. 
And we had a family of 5 come to church! They are so prepared! Sister Petersen and I are just counting our blessings. God is good everybody. 

This is a terrible picture.. Don't look at my hair, or the fact that no one was looking.. It's still a picture. 

I'm going on my first exchanges this week! So wish me luck:) 

I love you all! Send me gluten free food:) ..if you want.
Here is my new address for mail and PACKAGES: 
3319 S. Barlett
Laredo, TX  78043

con amor,
Hermana Hunt

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Well guess what.. I have finally been TRANSFERRED! About 8 months in Edinburg was fantastic!.. but I'm excited as heck! I am now in Laredo (little Mexico) as an STL. A Sister Training Leader. I am so excited to start this transfer! I am going to learn SO much. I'll have the opportunity to work with President Maluenda, go on exchanges with the sisters, and serve! I'm stoked!
So let me brag about my hija a little bit. Sister Bentz. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to train Sister Bentz. We are honestly like the same person. During lessons and anywhere else, we were always thinking the same thing. It's kinda creepy sometimes. So last week there was a HUGE storm so what did we decide to do? Do a bike day and play in mud on our bike ride home! 
Then the next day, we decided to dress up like Disney princesses.. 

I can't believe we won't be companions anymore. I learned SO much from her. She is an AMAZING teacher, an amazing missionary, and just overall an amazing person. And guess what.. she's TRAINING! I now have a granddaughter! 

I can't wait to see what this transfer brings! Be prepared to hear a lot of cool stories! My apartment is literally less than a mile away from Mexico.. Let's go get 'em! 

Sorry that's not too much! So I will leave you with pictures from my old area... the people there were just so special. The hardest part of a transfer, leaving the people...

I love you all! 

Hermana Hunt:)