Monday, March 30, 2015

Last one..

I am now officially legal.. to do what? It really doesn't matter!

Thank you to everyone for the emails!! I loved them:) 

First a quick miracle. I have been working with a family since November. Literally my mission family. The kids all got baptized, but the mom never did. Saturday night we got a call from her saying that she kicked her boyfriend out and she wants to get baptized before I leave!! Definitely shed a few tears during that phone call.. She's getting baptized TOMORROW!! Best birthday present ever! I am so excited! God is so amazing! Everything worked out perfectly. This is absolutely the BEST way to end the mission. Life. is. good.

I can't believe this is going to be my last email. I feel like I just got here yesterday! This is not real life. These past years have been the best of my life. I have grown so much as a person. My love of being a missionary can't even be expressed! 
I really know that this gospel is true. I know that the very church that Christ established is here on the earth. Our Heavenly Father has such a special plan for each one of us. Trust me.. it's not always what we have in our plans. Right when we think we have it all figured out, He might change it on us.. but it is ALWAYS better:) That's definitely something that I've learned. When we humble ourselves and submit to what He has in store for us, we'll be so much happier. This gospel really is the road to happiness. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be one of the Lord's servants for this time. 
Let's take a little walk down memory lane... 
Remember when.. ?
  • I got called to Ecuador! 
  • I got robbed..
  • my stomach basically got destroyed 
  • I was reassigned to the BEST mission! 
  • I served on an Island 
  • I got sick AGAIN! 
  • lived in a house with SIX sisters
  • prophesied that Sis Tippetts and I would be companions 
  • trained my best baby friend!! -Sis Bentz:) 
  • fell off my bike in the middle of the road
  • became an STL in SOUTH Laredo
  • Sis Tippetts and I actually are COMPANIONS
  • became a cross fit champion! 
  • learned how to sew
  • was being searched for by an angry Mexican who just got out of jail
  • accidentally went to the border-and ALL the amazing people I've met throughout all this time:)
I can't wait to tell you all the good stuff! Not even mentioned on here before:)

I love you all! Remember that the gospel is true!! 
I'll see you all soon! But until then here are a few more pictures....

Yes I do get kisses even on my mission!!

Les quiero mucho! Gracias por todo que han hecho! Nos vemos pronto!

con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Monday, March 23, 2015

Walking on Water

This was a great week! I'm excited to tell you all about it!

First things first.. I'm now in a biking area! Whoo! The other sisters' car got taken away to give to someone else.. so now they use our car. We've been biking ever since;) We only use it when we have to go up north for meetings or exchanges. Talk about getting in shape for my last 3 weeks! It's going to be great! I'm just a little more sore than usual.. it will be worth it :) 

We had one of the coolest zone meetings of my life this week. It was all centered on faith. How everything relies on faith. Then the zone leaders asked me and 2 other missionaries to stand on a  table. Then they brought out a huge blue blanket and asked the rest of the missionaries in the zone to hold it around the edges. Then Elder Gilmore started reading some verses in Matthew 14. It's about Peter walking on the water. They turned the lights off and made it look like a huge storm. Not going to lie, I was a little scared. Then they asked us how much faith we had.. Then.. yes. They had me walk across the blanket in the air across to another table. It was scary! But I did it! Then they talked about the power of faith. It's so true, with faith we can do anything. We really can! 

To end the week, Israel got baptized yesterday! It was probably one of the cutest baptisms I have ever seen! He's so old:) He was just so happy. Sister Tippetts and I were just smiling the entire day. It was fantastic! 

Sorry I can't send any pictures today! I'll try next week! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Monday, March 16, 2015

Que tal?

Alright alright first off.. our 69 year old investigator, Israel, is growing up too fast! He went to priesthood by himself this week and even opened up the hymn book and sang! It seems like just yesterday he didn't know what to do. Cute. Everyone be prepared to see the cutest baptism picture of your lives! I'm stoked! 
We also had the elders come and help us do a service project for him and I am not sure if they helped or made it worse.. ha ha
Oh! So we were in charge of the Young Womens activity this week and let me just tell you about it. We talked all about mission life and answered their questions..normal stuff.. then Sister Tippetts and I were in charge of the activity part..... so we taught them how to ride bikes in a SKIRT. It's harder than you think. It was pretty funny! We brought some extra skirts and made all the girls put them on then ride around the parking lot. Thankfully no one fell. Too hard haha 

We've been doing a ton of bike days this week! Someone gave us free ice cream:) 
But funny story of the week. We were trying to find a family and it was like 8:50 at night and it was pitch black. We were trying to knock on the door. Sketch house. Windows all broken. No lights. But we could see some little kids peeking out the window, so we were trying to talk to them to have their older sister come out, and then Sister Tippetts grabbed me arm and said.. "What the heck. What is that? Is that a dog or a person?" I look over and there is someone crouched down behind a chair by us in the front yard. The yard is kinda like a junk yard, so it was SO scary! I almost cried.. Sister Tippetts almost peed.. then a little 8 year old jumped out at us!! We screamed so loud! Then like 2 minutes later when we were about to leave, he jumped out at us from the ROOF! This kid needs to be baptized.. but we're going back tonight! So wish us luck:) 

Pie day! (3/14/15) Don't worry, I didn't eat it!

But mom and dad don't fear, I have learned how to cook. Yes, I don't burn water anymore :)

I think I'm out of time! Just wait a few more weeks for the rest of the stories! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Monday, March 9, 2015

Milagritos and a lot of food!

Where to start.. where to start..

This week was a great one! Halfway through the week we got kicked out of our district and moved into the other one, so that's been interesting. Let's just say these new missionaries are starting to learn how weird we are. Honestly imagine two best friends being together for 24 hours a day.. we have way too much fun! 

I don't have too much time today, but something pretty sad this week was that we had zone conference and I had to give my LAST testimony! Oh my gosh it was such a struggle trying not to cry! Oh my.. yes. So hard! I just talked all about how everything we do here on the mission is worth it. Sometimes things don't happen how we would have chosen that they happen.. but God always knows better. We just need to take everything with a smile and know that God has such a great plan. Everything will always work out better than what we planned. That's probably been one of the biggest things I've learned out here.. you all already know that ;) 
Oh! And Elder Perkins and I sang a duet in front of everyone! Miracle of the week.. we didn't mess up too bad haha 
Just some fun pictures.....
Yes I love puppies!

Our reject group! (got sent from other missions)

This is just amazing... and not right in so many ways!!
See you all on the other side;) 
con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Monday, March 2, 2015


Hello all!

Let me contarles (tell you) this story! Usually we know by Sunday who is staying and who is leaving for transfers on Tuesday morning. Sunday came.. nothing. Monday morning came.. nothing. Monday night came.. nothing STILL! And transfers leave at 6:00 am. Our zone leaders sent out a text and said for all the people that are probably leaving to pack.. so the sisters helped me pack. AH. It was 10:52 when we all kind of sat down thinking, "finally we're done!" Then.. we got the transfer calls... WE'RE STAYING TOGETHER!! Probably the best news I have ever heard! I think Sister Tippetts and I cried from excitement! Let's just say... I'm still trying to unpack! 
So our Zone, yes this crazy zone gets to stay together!!!

Now that I officially started my last transfer, we have officially started 6 weeks to sexy. Cross fit is still a thing, eating healthy is definitely a thing. What more can I say? It's been pretty exciting. 

​Talking about eating... here is what happens when you challenge the sisters and lose. You have to drink a whole gallon of milk. The end result wasn't very pretty. Elder Farrar was not to happen with us after this!!

Elder Farrar, before (yes I am cool, I got this):

Elder Farrar, after (fertilizing the plants below):

I can't even explain all the miracles that are happening here in the grand area of South Gate. We thought our week wasn't going too well.. a lot of our investigators fell, we couldn't get a hold of too many people, but it all worked out! The Lord provides! We found three different families this week that are GOLDEN! One is a family member of someone in the mission presidency here, the other grew up going to church, and the other is family of someone in the YSA branch presidency! And it was all really random! We couldn't even believe it! I LOVE being a missionary! 

Oh.. I gave my last testimony in the branches here yesterday. That was a big blow to the heart. I love the branches here. They are so cute and little. We're definitely going to change that soon! #stakeinLaredo ! 

Don't mess with me bad foods.. I killed that Coke!

​I think that's all I have for you all this week! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt 

p.s. shout out to all my missionary buds that went home this past week! :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

A week of adventures

Like usual, I don't even know where to start! It was a big week!! Okay we're just going to go through the list..

We don't know transfers yet! We're kinda freaking out! Sister Tippetts and I want to stay together SO badly! I would love for one of my best friends to "kill" me for my last transfer. We'll see though.. 

Valentines day! We went on a date to Taco Palenque.. romantic haha

This week we had 3 DAY! It's where we go to McAllen for a week and have meetings from 8am-6pm every day! It's so much fun! We learn so much and come out completely different people. So we have to drive 3 hours to get there and since we're the only sisters, we have to drive down with the elders.. let me tell you.. they're crazy! There was never a dull moment. They started off with energy drinks.. gross! Well, they made me try it and I threw up. So ya. 

3 day was so amazing though! Sister Tippetts and I gave a training to everyone with the APs. It was super fun! We talked about having a good attitude about the area you serve in. If you have to attitude that your area is filled with prepared people, you're going to find them! We just need to be obedient so that we can do everything in our power to help the people in our areas that are waiting for this gospel. Oh yeah.. then we sang. We sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" There was even a guitar! Oh yeah.. and solos. Those are always the best;) 

 These are our district shirts! They have quotes that we've said on them. 
We had our last week of Cross Fit together as a zone :( Our leader left! Elder Livingston basically killed us. He gave me all the work outs though so.. watch out future zone. 

Since it's my last transfer, we have something here called "trunky planners". Yep. I have an interesting one for sure haha
Regular Planner...

Trunky Planner...

​Hopefully we'll find out transfers soon! Until then.. have a great week! 

con amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

La semana de los milagros!

Hello all!

This week was pretty crazy, but it was a great one! We did some pretty different things this week. Oh to start, we definitely killed the north zone in the Laredo Lucha:) Besides that, we did a 2 zone exchange with the Laredo North zone for 3 days! Everyone was with someone from the other zone. Mission history. I worked with Sister Taylor. It was so much fun! She's a fireball.

It was so great working with him. I definitely missed my Sis Tipsy though. We saw SO many miracles! We had to actually make a list because we couldn't keep track of them! Are you ready for the biggest one?? 
Ok so do you remember the Reyes family? The kids that got baptized in December. Well their mom wasn't able to be baptized yet because her and the dad needed to be married. It's been a whole big deal, but the dad didn't like us! He wouldn't let us in the house, wouldn't talk to us.. nothing. Then one morning we get a longgg text from the mom saying that the dad had a dream and he knows that he needs to be baptized. WHAT? He asked us to go over as soon as possible. We went and it was absolutely amazing! He has changed so much! He really wants to make this change in their life. Then we told them about transfers and how I might leave and he looked me in the eyes and promised that he would get baptized before I left. So.. they're getting baptized next week!! This is my family. I have such a great love for them! I promised them that no matter what, I will find a way to fly down here in a year so that I can go with them when they get sealed as a family. Um yes. Some people were definitely crying. I LOVE THE MISSION! 

My district at the Laredo Lucha

We had the COOLEST district meeting last week! Abraham 3! The Noble and Great one everybody;) There was definitely a black light involved. 
But for real it was really awesome and spiritual. We all stood in a circle with the black light and imagined being there when God showed Abraham who were the noble and great ones. 

​I don't have too much time today, but I love you all! 

Con amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Monday, February 9, 2015

Laredo Olympics!!

Buenos dias a todos!

Hello! Another crazy week here in the TMM. 
We made one of our infamous McAllen trips this week! The ever so adventurous trip was nothing less than interesting. Of course the meeting with President was amazing! I love MLC. We talked about faith and goals. Something pretty cool was that he picked on Sister Tippetts and I quite a bit. Yes it's cool I promise. Something that he had us talk about was how hitting goals is a mind set. If we want to hit a goal, we'll hit it. There's no other options. Like last week, it was down to the last day but we had it in our minds that we were going to have 2 baptisms. There was no other option. I love how things in the mission can apply to everyday life. If we have a goal in life (go on a mission, go to school, become a doctor) we can do it! We just need to put it in our minds that it is going to happen, then work REALLY hard, and it will happen. The learnings of life. They're great. I just love being able to see how much faith works. When we have faith, we see miracles. 

 The STLs! 

 Making dinner with some of the elder's investigators.

​So today is going to be a pretty interesting P day. We're doing a Laredo Lucha. Or Laredo Olympics. Laredo South against Laredo North. Let me tell you a little bit about South Laredo. This used to be the "bro zone" because they wouldn't let sisters serve here. It's the poorer part of Laredo. Pretty sketch, I'm not going to lie. I LOVE IT! We're the "dirty south" as some say haha. We're definitely going to win! I'm not exactly sure what it's going to be. A bunch of different athletic things.. oh ya..and a rap off. No. I'm not looking forward to that one. Wish us luck! 

Okay I think that's about it! 
Have a great week! 

con amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

a little ANIMO!

Well hello there everyone. I don't even know where to start with this email. This past week was NUTS! SO full of miracles, it's crazy. Where to start..

Loud pants. Yes. Loud pants. We bought some super amazing pants to wear after planning!.. and maybe to play soccer. Definitely worth it:) 

When Sis Tippetts and I became companions, we knew that we were going to have to work super hard because we promised the Lord that we would help 2 people take the step of baptism this month and we didn't have anyone.. There was no way we were going to break a promise that we made to the Lord. So we worked really hard. We looked through everyone in the records that has been to church before and went by their houses. We found people then they stopped, then we found more and they didn't work out. Not going to lie, we were a little stressed. Luckily we have some amazing leaders that really encouraged us to keep going and work even harder. The last Sunday of the month came and we still didn't have anyone. The zone was at 5/7. We needed our 2! Even though there weren't anymore Sundays left, we still weren't going to stop. God blessed us with some CRAZY miracles! Diego and Danny were baptized on SATURDAY, Jan 31st. The last day of the month. It was absolutely nuts. We definitely gained some pretty strong testimonies about having faith and trust in the Lord. He always knows what to do. Our area 2/2. Our zone 7/7. We kept our promises to the Lord as an area and as a zone:) Miracles are real! We just need to make them happen! 

Danny's baptism. Wow. Now this is a story. We invited Danny to be baptized on Saturday on Friday! We weren't sure how him and his mom would take it but they agreed! They really wanted this. So Saturday morning comes, and the mom called to cancel because the dad didn't agree. We talked to her for awhile, then Elder Livingston got on the phone with her. Next thing we know, he comes running in yelling "FILL THE FONT! We're doing the baptism NOW!" Oh man I can't even explain how much we started running around! We had to get her a ride, go to her apartment, fill the font, set everything up. But it happened:) It was amazing! No songs, no talks, just the prayers and the baptism. It was the fastest, craziest baptism of my life. I love it! Being a missionary is great! 

And as usually, had a lot of fun with exchanges this week...

I love you all! 

Hermana Hunt :) 

p.s. Shout out to Kelsey who's turning 23 today!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Friend = Elder Oaks

Mis queridos amigos! 

This week was absolutely crazy. Thinking back, I don't know whether to cry, to laugh, to scream, to smile.. who knows. Actually, Sister Tippetts and I definitely laughed throughout the entire week. Whether we should have or not. Attitude right? 

Alright where to start. (sorry mom, I'm definitely going to leave some things out. I'll tell you about them when I get home:) Oh ya! We had interviews with President Maluenda this week! I love when it's interview time. I went in with a lot of questions. Of course, he answered them all. Or.. he asked me questions until I answered the question on my own. One of the things that I asked him about was that I didn't understand how I would be able to be THIS happy when I went home from the mission. I just am SO happy here that I didn't want to leave it. He told me that the best parts of my entire life come after the mission. That I need to take every day as it comes and never look back. Then he definitely started to talk about my future husband, but we don't need to think about that right now! 
THEN we went down to McAllen to have a meeting with Dallin H. Oaks! It was the BEST. Who knew that he was so funny? He talked a lot about receiving revelation. He now knows my name:) He probably doesn't remember it though.. that's ok! He knew it at one point ;) 

​This is us trying to be healthy.

con amor, 
Hermana Hunt 

p.s. Yeah I definitely got the email today with all my flight information. Not okay! But I'll see you all at 4:00 on April 8th:)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New transfer, new sister!

Hello all!

This first week of the transfer flew by! As we all guessed, Sister Tippetts and I are LOVING being companions. I really don't know who thought this would be a good idea ;) It's way too good. 
This week was full of miracles, a few disappointments, tired legs, and a personal trainer elder. It's been interesting! 
We started off this transfer not having too many investigators for January. We have a lot of people preparing for February, but we needed some miracles. Right off the bat, we started off with a lot of prayers asking for miracles and people that could be baptized this coming week. The Lord always provides! After searching and calling people and doing a lot of other crazy things, we found 3 people that are progressing to getting baptized this week! We couldn't even believe it! Then after that, things fell a part a little bit. We couldn't find our investigators, they didn't all come to church, we were exhausted, we just weren't really sure what to do. We're still going though! It all comes back to having a good attitude. If we're happy and have the attitude that we are going to help someone return to live back with our Heavenly Father, we're going to do it! We are so stoked for this week! We are going to see even more miracles. 

On a funny note, let me tell you about a little story of one of my first lessons with Sis Tipsy. We were teaching an investigator and she mentioned how she might not be able to go to church on Sunday. In Sister Tippetts mind she wanted to say how it sucks that she can't go to church; but she didn't want to say sucks, so she was going to say how it stinks that she can't go to church. But it came out as, "It stinks that you suck." ..yes. Perfection. I started laughing SO hard. There was no way that I could have even tried to hold it in. I think I might have cried from laughing so hard. Well while I was laughing, there was a very awkward interaction going on with Sister Tippetts and the investigator. It all worked out.. well kinda. She didn't go to church haha.

Okay okay. The elders here are KILLING US! Our zone leaders want to have zone unity so their idea of developing that is having all of us work out together in the morning. That means Cross Fit! What? I think I die every morning. I guess 2 and a half months to tiny needs to start sometime right? It's actually really fun! The first day, we did a warm up, just jumping jacks and some other weird things, and an elder threw up.. I knew that I didn't ever have to be embarrassed after that. He took care of that for all of us. Haha. 

I love you all! 

Hermana Hunt :) 

p.s. Scary thought! I got my 90 day call last week where they get all the information to book your flight home!.. This is going by WAY TO FAST! Everyone just pray for time to slow down ok? Thanks!

Monday, January 12, 2015

You may now meet the new Joseph:)

Alright.. I don't even know where to begin. This week and today has been a crazy one. Let's see..

TRANSFERS! Transfers are here everyone! It's always a little ball of nerves when transfers come around. Usually we find out Sunday morning who is leaving, but President decided that he wanted us all to stress just a little bit longer and tell us today just now. So.. drum roll. I'm staying!! Well yeah I actually already knew that because Sister Vazquez is going home. And are you all ready for this?? My new companion is.. Sister Tippetts!! Remember that cute little thing in my picture of us wet on bikes? Yes. Her. YES! It is going to be so much fun! 

On another note, we had an all sisters meeting this week! I got to see all the sisters in the mission! Yes that means Sister Bentz!:) Reunited at last;) It was a lot of fun! We did a training for the sisters about "doing the work the Lord's way". We acted out when Martin Harris lost the 116 pages. Yes. I was Joseph. I made President Maluenda laugh. My life goal is now complete:) But for real, if you ever want to feel jacked, read Doc y Con 3. Yep. That's what we shared with the sisters. 

Oh okay so apparently I've developed this skill where I can get up and share a talk, completely unprepared, and talk for 20 minutes! Yeah. The missionaries here always randomly get asked to speak, I was the lucky one this time! So I went up there and spoke for a longgg time. Sorry mom.. I talk more than before now. I know that's pretty hard to believe. THEN the Elders here also like to just tell us about random musical numbers that we have to do. So we sang in sacrament meeting, then Elder Jensen-cito and I sang at a baptism and Elder Arredondo played the uke. It actually turned out really well for not practicing! Look at that. 

Me, Sister Bentz (mission daughter), Sister Crawford (mission granddaughter) 

I got to drive the zone leader's truck down to McAllen for the meeting! 

Sorry this is a short one. But that's all I can think of for now.. 

Have a great week! 

con amor, 
Hermana Hunt

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fireworks around Mexico!

People of the world!

Hello. I hope everyone enjoyed their New Years! "LET IT GO! LET IT GO!".. sorry I'm a year late on this stuff. We got to see Frozen for New Years and we had a lot of fun! Then the next day we were off on our 3 hour trip back down to McAllen. You got to love long road trips with a bunch of missionaries. Those EFY CDs are a life saver. Nah haha it's fun! 
I learned so much this week! Besides the fact that you ALWAYS need to wear socks.. even when you're wearing tights. Fun fact of life, it's pretty cold being on a bike in the rain! I was working with the one and only Sister Tippetts so it was super fun! 


Okay on to the real stuff that I learned.  President is a huge go getter about setting goals and making plans. We learned a lot about the importance of doing everything we can to hit those goals. It could be goals for how many lessons we want to teach, or about our future family. (We REALLY don't have to talk about that one right now) It's just really important that when we set a goal, we involve the Lord, and are willing to do everything possible to reach that goal. 
Let's see.. we talked a lot about confidence. I went into the meetings ready to receive a lot of revelation for the sisters, but President mostly talked about building ourselves up so that we can help the sisters even more. I realized a lot of things about myself and how I can be a lot better. It's the best! 
I'm trying to think what else.. Well we have a meeting this week for all the sisters in the mission! We are going to train about doing things the Lord's way and not how we think it should be done. I'm excited! Oh ya. Then we have to sing. Geez. Somehow I got volunteered to sing a duet with another sister. Wow things just get you by surprise here sometimes ;)

.. oh ya. I had to hop a wall..
I hope you all have a great start to the new year! 

con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt 

p.s. Shout out to those coming to this mission soon! You'll love it!!