Monday, January 12, 2015

You may now meet the new Joseph:)

Alright.. I don't even know where to begin. This week and today has been a crazy one. Let's see..

TRANSFERS! Transfers are here everyone! It's always a little ball of nerves when transfers come around. Usually we find out Sunday morning who is leaving, but President decided that he wanted us all to stress just a little bit longer and tell us today just now. So.. drum roll. I'm staying!! Well yeah I actually already knew that because Sister Vazquez is going home. And are you all ready for this?? My new companion is.. Sister Tippetts!! Remember that cute little thing in my picture of us wet on bikes? Yes. Her. YES! It is going to be so much fun! 

On another note, we had an all sisters meeting this week! I got to see all the sisters in the mission! Yes that means Sister Bentz!:) Reunited at last;) It was a lot of fun! We did a training for the sisters about "doing the work the Lord's way". We acted out when Martin Harris lost the 116 pages. Yes. I was Joseph. I made President Maluenda laugh. My life goal is now complete:) But for real, if you ever want to feel jacked, read Doc y Con 3. Yep. That's what we shared with the sisters. 

Oh okay so apparently I've developed this skill where I can get up and share a talk, completely unprepared, and talk for 20 minutes! Yeah. The missionaries here always randomly get asked to speak, I was the lucky one this time! So I went up there and spoke for a longgg time. Sorry mom.. I talk more than before now. I know that's pretty hard to believe. THEN the Elders here also like to just tell us about random musical numbers that we have to do. So we sang in sacrament meeting, then Elder Jensen-cito and I sang at a baptism and Elder Arredondo played the uke. It actually turned out really well for not practicing! Look at that. 

Me, Sister Bentz (mission daughter), Sister Crawford (mission granddaughter) 

I got to drive the zone leader's truck down to McAllen for the meeting! 

Sorry this is a short one. But that's all I can think of for now.. 

Have a great week! 

con amor, 
Hermana Hunt

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