Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 8 - 12 Days in Ecuador

12 days already?? That´s almost 2 weeks!! WOW! 
By the way, Gangnam Style is HUGE here right now!!!

Okay so I love being North American here! I haven´t seen another white person.. people literally shout from rooftops and hang out of their car when I walk by. No one has colored eyes here so they are all amazed! It´s pretty fun:)

What´s not so fun is this food! Around 1:30 every day, I feel like I´m going to die! They feed us soo much and we have to eat it all! Oh man it´s a real struggle. Oh my word.. so it´s a rule for missionaries here that we can´t eat pig.. and we were eating at someone´s house and we had no idea what they were feeding us. But I was seriously trying not to throw up! Like seriously. I had to take deep breathes and shove it down. After forcing myself to eat the whole thing, we found out that it was PIG FEET AND INTESTINES! So so far I have eaten that, and FURRY cow intestines (please picture that I pray that I don´t die), and rice with ants in it. 
Oh I am being humbled every day here. The houses are either tree houses or houses that are lucky to have 4 walls and a roof. Most houses only have 3 walls and the rooms are divided by sheets. It really made me appreciate everything that I have back home. The people here are so humble.

Ah Satan has been working hard on me here. The first week I got really sick with an infection that spread throughout my body. I´m feeling a lot better now! They put me on SEVEN different medicines! Then once I started getting better, I got an allergic reaction to the bugs here! My eye was completely swollen shut and all my bug bites turned purple! I´m beter now from that too! Prayers really are answered! 
I love it here!!! Well this is all the time I have. I love you all!!

I plan on getting pictures on these blogs soon, but the cable for my phone isn't working so just waiting for my parents to send a new one.

Hermana Hunt!

Side note to my familia:
I just had to share this funny thing with you all really quick..

So the people here all ride around on motorcycles. Dirt bikes. With their whole family!! on ONE bike!!! Seriously just imagine our entire family hopping on dad´s motorcycle and riding around!!! I´m laughing so hard thinking about it!! And men ride together too! All the time! Now imagine dad and steve! AHAHAH! Oh my word.

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