Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 9 - spreading the Gospel

What? It`s been 2 MONTHS?? I`ll be home before you know it!
This week was a little more difficult. We are having a hard time finding more people to teach. And the people that we thought were doing really well and progressing, suddenly aren`t very interested anymore, and their baptism dates fell through ALL of them for the next two weeks! Uh that`s probably the hardest part. I know with all my heart that this gospel is true and I want everyone to know what I know! And it`s really hard for me to see people reject it. But the right people are being prepared and maybe everyone else just needs a little bit more time.

But being here on a different continent really has proved to me that this gospel is universal. I had a step-back moment where I really thought about how this gospel is exactly the same here as it is in the United States.. and Sweden and Bulgaria and Argentina and EVERYWHERE else! 
I love spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. My testimony is strengthened every single day!
I love you all!!!
P.s. there are some people out there, you know who you are! (Hannah, Ryan, Noelle, Brandon, Eric... and more) that need to write me!!!! I`ll be waiting.

P.S.S. the cable to my camera is not working so I can't get pictures uploaded yet, will get that worked out and then send pictures with these updates.

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