Monday, July 1, 2013

The Journey Has Begun

I have officially been in the Peru CCM (MTC) for a full week now! I´m not going to lie, it has been harder than I thought! But I am doing the work of the Lord and I know that I am supposed to be here. Oh and take it easy on me because I am typing on a Spanish keyboard:) 

So basically all I do is study and learn Spanish! It is coming along really well though! I love my teachers and I LOVE my district! When I got here, everyone already knew who I was! I am now known as "Younce´s Girl" I love it!! I guess Morgann made a huge impression and apprently told everyone about me because I seriously do not even have to introduce myself.. everyone already knows. Seriously EVERYONE though. Want to know how many people are in the ENTIRE CCM?? Lessss than 100!!! I think it is like 80 or something! So basically everyone is friends with everyone! It is so great! So basically we are split into 2 groups.. the latinos and the north americans. That is seriously what they call us!! So when I call people Latinos and North Americans.. that´s normal. Anyway, so I try to eat with the Latinos everyday so that they can help me with my Spanish. I love it!! They are so funny. They always ask about Justin Bieber and Nsync.. which is very strange. If they are trying to describe JB they all just start screaming "babyy babyy babyy OHH!" I enjoy them :) So everyday we get physical activity time and I always play soccer with the latinos! It is so much fun! And I score!! They aren´t even going easy! Basically one of the highlights of my day.
Oh shoutout to the Batemans for the Spanish hymn book they gave me for my birthday!! I use it like a million times a day! Thank you so much! 
My Spanish teachers are so amazing!! I am in the district that Morgann was in so I have all the same teachers that she had. Oh and let me mention.. they DON¨T SPEAK ENGLISH! So.. I have been forced to learn Spanish pretty quickly. They know a few words here and there but if I need to communicate with them, it´s all Spanish baby. So far I have taught 3 lessons in complete Spanish! We are teaching a fake "investigator" named Gonzalo and we have already commited him to come to church with us and pray to know whethers or not the prophets are true and called of God! I love how real it is!
A couple funny or embarrassing stories,
1. It is a rule that your feet always have to touch the ground while you are sitting in a chair.. well my legs aren´t long enough to touch the ground so.. I have to break that rule. 
2. It was the FIRST day and we were given a couple bags with a ton of books in them so I went to pick up the books with my left arm and they weighed more than I did! And I just completely tipped over!! Totally ate it in front of everyone.. what a great way to start! Let´s just say that my ankle was swollen and turned different colors. It´s okay though! I´m better!
Well it looks like that is all the time I have. I miss you all! Send letters!!! but no packages to the CCM por favor. As much as I would love to show off all of my new Spanish skills, I´m being kicked off the computer. LOVE YOU ALL! I can´t wait to hear from you!
Hermana Hunt!

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