Thursday, July 4, 2013

Week 2

Hello everybody!! Or should I say Hola..
This week went by so crazy fast! Sorry if this email is pretty short.

Exciting things of the week..
1. ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON came to the CCM!! And there are only like 80 of us so we were all able to meet him! And if that wasn´t great enough.. After he talked to us, we had class and my campanion and I were walking with our teacher and who do we run into?? Elder Christofferson!!! And he talked to us for awhile!! Seriously one of the coolest experiences ever! I could feel the Spirit radiating off of him!

2. We were watching a devotional from a couple months ago of Elder Ballard and who do I see in the choir?? The one and only Eric Pinkston!!

3. We got a new group of missionaries today!! So we are no longer the newest ones here!
Oh quick shout out to Sister Nicholas! Whenever I am teaching and I need a scripture, I usually find myself singing the scripture mastery songs that we learned in seminary! Way helpful!
So we have been teaching our fake investigator, Gonzalo, and it has been going great!! We committed him to BAPTISM in our last lesson! It was soo amazing! I can´t wait until I get to do it for real!! Next week we get to walk to streets of Peru and teach ACTUAL people!! It is going to be way scary but I´m so excited!
Sorry this is all the time I have! Email me!
Con amor,
Hermana Hunt

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