Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 4 - Earthquakes and other things!

So this week was a pretty big week! First off! Thank you sooo much to the Simi Stake Presidency! They sent me a journal with a note from all of them! I loved it soo much and everyone was way jealous that I got a package:)
Well, I survived my first Peruvian earthquake!! It wasn´t too bad but it lasted for forevvverrr! 
Okay on to probably the most amazing thing ever! This last Saturday we had the opportunity to go out into the actual streets of Peru and teach people! Like we were literally dropped off in a neighborhood and we had to knock on doors and find people to teach. Everyone had a teacher except me and my companion. We were pretty nervous on our way out there, but we knew that we could do it. So we go up to our first house and knock on the door and a girl named Stefany answers. We told her who we were and said that we had a message to share with her. She invited us into her house and we taught a FULL lesson! All in Spanish of course! We taught her about the Book of Mormon and prayer. She said that she wanted to go to church! Then Hermana Ocon and I got the feeling that we should ask her to be baptized. So.. I asked. I asked her if she would follow to example of Jesus Christ and be baptized into the church.. she said YES!! First house, first time teaching a real person, and we committed her to baptism! It was the best, craziest feeling of my life! 
Then we left, and we taught 6 other people and gave them each copies of the Book of Mormon. Then we were walking down the street and we saw a lady walking with her little child. Her name is Luz. We asked if we could talk to her about the church! She said yes so we taught her about the Book of Mormon, prayer, and the plan of salvation. We asked her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and she said yes! Then I got that same feeling again so I asked her to be baptized too! She said YES!! THAT¨S TWO! No one could believe it! 
This week when all the leaders of the CCM had a meeting, they said that they talked about us for most of the time! It was crazy! We thought that it was AMAZING, but we didn´t think that it was THAT uncommon. We were just following the promptings of the Spirit. Those couple hours made me SO excited to go out into the field! I can´t wait to serve the people of Ecuador and actually be able to see what happens. That was the really sad part about this. All I can do is hope that the missionaries go back and teach Stefany and Luz. We gave the missionaries in that area all of their information so that they could teach them more. I have so much love for these people! I can´t imagine what I will feel when I teach people for a longer period of time.
Anyway, this email was pretty long. I hope you all read through it;)
I love you all! I want to hear from you all!!
Con amor,
Hermana Hunt

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