Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello family and friends!

I'm sorry I literally have like 3 minutes left, so this one won't be long. 
But I'm doing great! It's getting hot as heck here.. but like I'm getting tanner so that's ok! 
I will start off with a picture showing my latest style. A member in the area passed away and they gave her clothes to the sisters here. Everyone looked in the box and said, this looks like Jennifer. Yeah so that is where I got the shirt and awesome fanny pack in this picture.. Yes I am styling!!

We are having a baptism next week! Juan!! We are so excited! He was asking us the other day how soon he can be baptized because he wants it SO badly.. so why not this week?? He's so ready! 
The work is progressing here so much! I've gained a huge testimony that it is because of obedience. Obedience is everything! Especially here on the mission! obedient. That's all:) 

I love you all!! 

Con amor, 
Hermana Hunt :)

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