Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spiritual surprises

Hello! I hope everyone had a great week! Sister Bentz and I sure did. We did a TON of bike days so we were definitely laughing the whole week. I have abs now.

So yesterday Sister Bentz and I were at church and one of the counselors from the YSA branch, it was like 20 minutes before church started, and he asked us if we could give talks because their speakers couldn't come. Why not? We didn't have time to prepare so we just went up there and were surprised of what came out. I think I've become a professional at "winging it". The first thing that came to my mind was 1 Nephi 4. It's at the beginning so I'm pretty sure I've read this over a million times. But in one of the verses when the Spirit was telling Nephi to kill Laban is says that Nephi "shrunk". He didn't think he could do it. This can relate so much to us today. When we are faced with trials or tough times, are we going to "shrink" ? Or are we going to rise to the challenge and face it with faith? When we always rely on the Lord and turn to Him, we will always be okay. We need to be careful where we put our heart. Wherever our hearts are, our desires and our efforts will follow. This especially applies to missionaries. Are we going to put our hearts in home? In our past? In our lives after the mission? If we do, that's where our desires will be. We won't be focused. Our heart should be on the work. On the people. On our purpose as missionaries. But this can apply to us in everyday life too! Will our hearts be in our family? In church? In serving the Lord? Or will they be in work? Or worldly things that won't last? It's just crazy to think about. 

We are having a baptism this coming week! Remember Consuelo? Our recent convert that thinks it is funny to flip us off and has no teeth so you really have to develop the gift to understand her. Well Yudith is her granddaughter! They are definitely my favorite family to teach. Yesterday we were in church and we were in the last class at the end of the day. I hadn't eaten since the morning so my stomach growled SO LOUD! I have NEVER heard a stomach growl that loud! It sounded like a UFO! Sister Bentz literally looked up at the ceiling.. Consuelo looked at me then just started laughing so hard! She couldn't stop! It was so embarrassing I couldn't even believe it. Literally every single person in the class looked back at me. Now everyone is going to know me as the sister with the loud stomach. Then we went to visit Consuelo and Yudith a little later that night and Consuelo was STILL making fun of me! She's my favorite little old lady in all our south Texas. 

I think that's all the time I have! I love you all! 

Hermana Hunt

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