Monday, July 21, 2014

We tried catching fireflies.. it didn't work

Hey all!

This week was a pretty good week. Nothing too bad, nothing too exciting. Let me just name a few things. 

-I rolled in a trash can. (excuse my white missionary legs)

-we got referred to a member that we didn't know about from a drunk smoking guy. 
-we were told by an investigator that apparently works with Bill Gates that he is getting us new cars.. we'll see about that one. He also told us that he invented Gatorade when he was 5. 
-We went spirit knocking at an apartment complex and chose to knock number 11 because it's our favorite number and now the lady that lives there has a baptismal date:) 
-we decided to give up soda. No more. 
-we weigh ourselves after every otter pop. 
-we got a new pet. 

Oh! And our investigator that was supposed to be baptized went missing. She went to her friends house for a whole week without telling her grandma. 10 year olds these days. Hopefully she'll be back for this week. Cross your fingers. 

Yesterday in church this guy was speaking and something really stood out to me. He said, "Sometimes your goal doesn't change, but the circumstances do. Don't change your goal." We had interviews with President Maluenda the other week, and while he was talking to me he was saying how I don't have a lot of time left, (YES I DO) And how I need to think about the future a little bit. I've always had these grand goals and such before the mission, but a lot of the circumstances have changed, and I really started doubting if I could ever reach those goals. Don't change your goals! It gave me some more motivation that I'll be able to reach all of my goals. I had a goal to go to BYU. Done. I had a goal to go on a mission. Done. I can achieve the rest of my goals:) So.. I'm going to make this all motivational. Don't change your goals! You can do it! Ya. Ok. I'm done with that now. 

Con amor, 

Hermana Hunt

Sidenote: All you people that I'm hearing about getting married or that got married or that are famous now or got a new haircut. I want to hear from you! Make it happen:) 

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