Monday, July 7, 2014

Feliz Independence everyone!

I hope everyone had a great day! Sister Bentz and I watched fireworks from our window and ate otter pops.. yes. We went all out. I know.

So yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. Sister Bentz and I decided to bear our testimonies in ALL three wards. Well.. she decided to do it so obviously I had to follow. In the first ward, the Spanish ward, I talked about how the Lord helps us every day; and when we press forward with faith, great things will always await us. (D&C 45:62) 
Then in the second ward, YSA, I talked about my entire mission experience and how we need to rely on the Lord in hard times. And you all know I can talk about that for FOREVER! I'm pretty sure that one was a loonng testimony. Sorry. 
Then the last ward, the English ward, I talked about developing Christlike attributes and how important it is to always look toward our ultimate example. 
It was kind of crazy how I had no idea what I was going to talk about when I walked up there, but each time it was something different. I really don't know why I talked about a lot of those things. Especially the one in YSA where I talked about being sick and everything.. I wasn't expecting THAT to come out of my mouth.. But I'm glad it did. 

Fun story of the week. We rode our bikes a lot this week so Sister Bentz and I decided to get baskets for our bikes so that we could hand out cards easier to people on the streets. Of course we couldn't just get regular baskets. We rode around with pink baskets and those tassel things on our handle bars. There's no way someone won't listen to us with those things on right?.. Now people really think I'm 12. I promise I'm 20. 

Okay so one suggestion. Write letters! Friends. Family. People that just look at this. You too! I'll write my address again just in case you forgot.. or lost it.. or just because..

Sister Jennifer Hunt
Texas McAllen Mission 
200 W. La Vista Ave.
McAllen, TX 78501 

Hermana Hunt 

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