Monday, September 22, 2014

Viva Mexico!

Happy Independence Day to all you Mexicans out there!

This week was CRAZY! Like honestly a week of roller coaster rides. I loved it! 

Well first off we had zone conference! I LOVE zone conferences! We learn so much! Sister Petersen and I did a musical number in front of EVERYONE! She played the uke and I sang "I Need Thee Every Hour". Well wasn't that an adventure. It actually went really well. Cough cough. 

So this week we did a TWO day exchange! It was so fun! I stayed in my area with a sister that just came in the field! It was so fun being able to be a mini trainer again for a second. I love brand new missionaries. They honestly help me to remember why I'm here. 

On another note, We had a FLOOD this week! I honestly thought that while I was driving we were just going to start floating away. It was nuts. Like not even normal. I'm just glad I never got lost. I'm still working on learning this new area. That would have been a bit embarrassing. Hello STL. Geez. 

Ok voy a contarles una historia. 

So this one day a member texted Sis Pete and I to go to their house for dinner. The PROBLEM is is that there are a million families in our ward with the same last name. We thought we knew which one it was so we went over, taught a lesson, ate yogurt, then found out that they had no idea that we were coming over. Not the right ones. So we figure that it obviously had to be this other one. We go over there, talk to them for awhile, then the mentioned how they weren't expecting us but they were glad we came.. freak. not the right one again. By this time, we were already late for a set lesson and we had to call the sister and reschedule. We went to the wrong house TWICE. Moral of the story.. know people's first names and ask where they live.. 

Well that's all folks for this week. 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt

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