Monday, September 15, 2014

Bendiciones del Senor!

Hello world!

This week was GREAT! 

I had my first exchange as an STL! I loved it! Working with the sisters here is absolutely a privilege for me. I love being able to have this opportunity. 

Well let me just tell you about our day yesterday. First off, we had to go to the Spanish branch early in the morning to give a talk and sing a musical number. Which by the way isn't even our branch!..I have no idea how that happened. Then we raced to an investigators house to wake them up for the English branch. Then we went back to the English branch, WITH our investigator, and did another musical number and our recent convert from last week got confirmed. Then we ran to get another family of investigators for the other Spanish branch. We waited for our other family of investigators, did another musical number, another talk, and then tried to make sure everyone was in the right classes, while still running around trying to talk to everyone we could and teach some classes. It was the craziest couple of hours of our lives; but we were being blessed! We had TEN people go to church yesterday and a lot of less actives and members there. There was absolutely nothing that we did to receive all of those blessings. We still have no idea how that happened. God is good. God is great! 

Fun fact! My companion is Elder L. Tom Perry's great niece! He spoke at her farewell. HOW CUTE! He's my favorite. 

Fun fact #2! It finally got below 100 degrees in Laredo this week! Hallelujah! 

Me and Sister Petersen! My lovely ginger:) 

Have a great week! I love you all! Send me a quick note if you have time!
Don't forget, here is my new address for mail and PACKAGES: 
3319 S. Barlett
Laredo, TX  78043

Con amor,
Hermana Hunt

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