Tuesday, February 3, 2015

a little ANIMO!

Well hello there everyone. I don't even know where to start with this email. This past week was NUTS! SO full of miracles, it's crazy. Where to start..

Loud pants. Yes. Loud pants. We bought some super amazing pants to wear after planning!.. and maybe to play soccer. Definitely worth it:) 

When Sis Tippetts and I became companions, we knew that we were going to have to work super hard because we promised the Lord that we would help 2 people take the step of baptism this month and we didn't have anyone.. There was no way we were going to break a promise that we made to the Lord. So we worked really hard. We looked through everyone in the records that has been to church before and went by their houses. We found people then they stopped, then we found more and they didn't work out. Not going to lie, we were a little stressed. Luckily we have some amazing leaders that really encouraged us to keep going and work even harder. The last Sunday of the month came and we still didn't have anyone. The zone was at 5/7. We needed our 2! Even though there weren't anymore Sundays left, we still weren't going to stop. God blessed us with some CRAZY miracles! Diego and Danny were baptized on SATURDAY, Jan 31st. The last day of the month. It was absolutely nuts. We definitely gained some pretty strong testimonies about having faith and trust in the Lord. He always knows what to do. Our area 2/2. Our zone 7/7. We kept our promises to the Lord as an area and as a zone:) Miracles are real! We just need to make them happen! 

Danny's baptism. Wow. Now this is a story. We invited Danny to be baptized on Saturday on Friday! We weren't sure how him and his mom would take it but they agreed! They really wanted this. So Saturday morning comes, and the mom called to cancel because the dad didn't agree. We talked to her for awhile, then Elder Livingston got on the phone with her. Next thing we know, he comes running in yelling "FILL THE FONT! We're doing the baptism NOW!" Oh man I can't even explain how much we started running around! We had to get her a ride, go to her apartment, fill the font, set everything up. But it happened:) It was amazing! No songs, no talks, just the prayers and the baptism. It was the fastest, craziest baptism of my life. I love it! Being a missionary is great! 

And as usually, had a lot of fun with exchanges this week...

I love you all! 

Hermana Hunt :) 

p.s. Shout out to Kelsey who's turning 23 today!!!!

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