Monday, March 16, 2015

Que tal?

Alright alright first off.. our 69 year old investigator, Israel, is growing up too fast! He went to priesthood by himself this week and even opened up the hymn book and sang! It seems like just yesterday he didn't know what to do. Cute. Everyone be prepared to see the cutest baptism picture of your lives! I'm stoked! 
We also had the elders come and help us do a service project for him and I am not sure if they helped or made it worse.. ha ha
Oh! So we were in charge of the Young Womens activity this week and let me just tell you about it. We talked all about mission life and answered their questions..normal stuff.. then Sister Tippetts and I were in charge of the activity part..... so we taught them how to ride bikes in a SKIRT. It's harder than you think. It was pretty funny! We brought some extra skirts and made all the girls put them on then ride around the parking lot. Thankfully no one fell. Too hard haha 

We've been doing a ton of bike days this week! Someone gave us free ice cream:) 
But funny story of the week. We were trying to find a family and it was like 8:50 at night and it was pitch black. We were trying to knock on the door. Sketch house. Windows all broken. No lights. But we could see some little kids peeking out the window, so we were trying to talk to them to have their older sister come out, and then Sister Tippetts grabbed me arm and said.. "What the heck. What is that? Is that a dog or a person?" I look over and there is someone crouched down behind a chair by us in the front yard. The yard is kinda like a junk yard, so it was SO scary! I almost cried.. Sister Tippetts almost peed.. then a little 8 year old jumped out at us!! We screamed so loud! Then like 2 minutes later when we were about to leave, he jumped out at us from the ROOF! This kid needs to be baptized.. but we're going back tonight! So wish us luck:) 

Pie day! (3/14/15) Don't worry, I didn't eat it!

But mom and dad don't fear, I have learned how to cook. Yes, I don't burn water anymore :)

I think I'm out of time! Just wait a few more weeks for the rest of the stories! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt

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