Monday, March 2, 2015


Hello all!

Let me contarles (tell you) this story! Usually we know by Sunday who is staying and who is leaving for transfers on Tuesday morning. Sunday came.. nothing. Monday morning came.. nothing. Monday night came.. nothing STILL! And transfers leave at 6:00 am. Our zone leaders sent out a text and said for all the people that are probably leaving to pack.. so the sisters helped me pack. AH. It was 10:52 when we all kind of sat down thinking, "finally we're done!" Then.. we got the transfer calls... WE'RE STAYING TOGETHER!! Probably the best news I have ever heard! I think Sister Tippetts and I cried from excitement! Let's just say... I'm still trying to unpack! 
So our Zone, yes this crazy zone gets to stay together!!!

Now that I officially started my last transfer, we have officially started 6 weeks to sexy. Cross fit is still a thing, eating healthy is definitely a thing. What more can I say? It's been pretty exciting. 

​Talking about eating... here is what happens when you challenge the sisters and lose. You have to drink a whole gallon of milk. The end result wasn't very pretty. Elder Farrar was not to happen with us after this!!

Elder Farrar, before (yes I am cool, I got this):

Elder Farrar, after (fertilizing the plants below):

I can't even explain all the miracles that are happening here in the grand area of South Gate. We thought our week wasn't going too well.. a lot of our investigators fell, we couldn't get a hold of too many people, but it all worked out! The Lord provides! We found three different families this week that are GOLDEN! One is a family member of someone in the mission presidency here, the other grew up going to church, and the other is family of someone in the YSA branch presidency! And it was all really random! We couldn't even believe it! I LOVE being a missionary! 

Oh.. I gave my last testimony in the branches here yesterday. That was a big blow to the heart. I love the branches here. They are so cute and little. We're definitely going to change that soon! #stakeinLaredo ! 

Don't mess with me bad foods.. I killed that Coke!

​I think that's all I have for you all this week! 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Hunt 

p.s. shout out to all my missionary buds that went home this past week! :)

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